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Discover Kumlinge

Welcome to Kumlinge!

This is a short introduction to Kumlinge. More information can be found on Kumlinge municipality's website:


Kumlinge is one of six archipelago municipalities in the Ålands islands region and is located in the north-eastern part.

Kumlinge municipality consists of four islands inhabited year-round: Björkö, Enklinge, Kumlinge and Seglinge. Kumlinge, the main island, has ca 200 year-round residents, however, in summer-time the number is nearly trippled. The language spoken is Swedish.


In history books we cna reaad about the War of1808-1809 (a Nordic off-shoot of the Napoleonic wars) and battle of Kumlinge. Commemorating the Battle of Kumlinge a monument can be found on the hill Fälberget, which is close to Kumlinge apotek. This old pharmacy is both a museum over a by-gone era and a modern working pharmacy. Well worth a visit!

In the middle of summer, June 21st, the traditional raising of a "Midsummer pole" by "industrious hands" takes place in most villages to celebrate summer. Kumlinge is no exception. This is a major holiday in Sweden and the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland.

Culture & sights

On Kumlinge the only airfield in the archipelago can be found. It was built in 1975 with a 650m runway and is used by private aviators, mainly during the summer.


The island of Enklinge has a heritage farm from the 16th century, "Hermas". To visit the island there is a local ferry.


The folkmusicfestival "Visor Så In I Norden", takes place at the beginning of July since 1997. It is a popular event and draws a crowd to Västraberget. Parts of the festival are situated to Restaurant Kastören and Kumlinge Marina.

There are two naturepaths in Kumlinge. One, ca. 7km long, lies on the island of Seglinge. You reach it by ferry from Snäckö harbour. The other path, ca. 3km long, goes from Kumlinge Marina to the parish church of St. Anna.

St. Anna's church is a medieaval stonechruch with fantastic wall and ceiling paintings dating from the 14th century. A must see when visiting Kumlinge.


Nature is accessible on Kumlinge all year round. We live and work in close to it. Walking, hiking, bikerides (Kumlinge Marina rents bikes), canooing and fishing are popular activities. Fishing permits are sold at the grocery store. Close to the Kumlinge primary school there is a tenniscourt and Kumlinga Marina rents keys and equipment. There is a bathing site about 500m from Kumlinge Cottages/Marina but it's often possibel to take a short swim straight from the shore.

Hiking trail maps

Forneldarnas natt - bonfire night

"Forneldarnas natt" - bonfire night, is an old tradition, with bonfires and torchlight processions by the shore. It is celebrated the last Saturday in August. The last few years Kumlinge Marina has organised a local event. 

Visor så in i Norden - folkmusicfestival

The cultural organisation "Visor så in i Norden r.f." arranges a folkmusicfestival every year. This popular event enchants both old and young, as well as new and recurring visitors. The festival takes place during a weekend in July at the regular venues of Kumlinge parish church, possibly one of the most beautiful churches in Finland, and the beatiful naturespot Västra Bergen (N 60˚ 13.4246´ , E 20˚43.5166´) and other locales.

Each year new artists, from west as well as east, get together with local talents for an unforgettable event.

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