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How to contact and find us

Contact us!

Do not hesitate toget in touch with us if you have any questions about the cottages, the restaurant or the marina.

Tack! Meddelande skickat.

Book your stay at or call us at +358 400 529 199

How to find us

Kumlinge – Mariehamn

  • A ca. 30 min car or bus ride to Långnäs (Lumparland) and the ferry, m/s Odin, the ferryride to Snäckö (Kumlinge) is ca 1h 45 min.

  • A ca 50 or bus ride to Hummelvik (Vårdö) and the ferry m/s Alfågeln or Ejdern, the seavoyage takes about 1h 20 min.

All together there are about 6 departures per day, depending on the day and time of year.

Kumlinge – Turku

  • The trip from is about1h 30min. from Turku to Osnäs (Gustavs) Note the timetable of the Vartsala ferry!
    From Osnäs to Åva (Brändö) with m/s Viggen the seavoyage is ca. 35 min.
    Thereafter, a 22 km drive over Brändö to the Torsholma harbour and either 
    m/s Alfågeln or m/s Ejdern to Kumlinge. The seavoyage is about 1h 30 min.

There are 3-4 departures per day, depending on the day and time of year.


The timetables of the archipelago ferry traffic can be found at "Ålandstrafiken". Book you car for the ferries there too.

The trip to the archipelago costs a bit but travel between the islands is free with the same ticket.
Help with making a reservation or planning your route is given by Ålandstrafiken.

You can also call us with any questions, even the locals are confused by the route options from time to time.

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