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Welcome to Kumlinge Stugor

Welcome to Kumlinge Stugor

With us you can take a break from everyday life and experience a beautiful archipelago idyll.

Our cabins are situated on Kumlinge, which is one of six Åland archipelago municipalities.

The cabins face the sea, and the Kumlinge marina is situated about 30 metres away.

A beautiful nature footpath starts right by the cabins, let your feet and thoughts wander. In the evening you can book a table at restaurant Kastören conveniently situated on site.

Welcome to Kumlinge!

Stay overnight in the middle of the Åland Islands archipelago. Take a break from everyday life and experience the idyllic life by the sea.

Good food in a beautiful archipelago environment. Enjoy the view over the guest harbour during your restaurant visit.

Welcome to our guest harbour! Come ashore for a change of pace and visit our restaurant or stay the night in one of our cottages.


Nature is accessible all year round on Kumlinge. We live and work close to it all the time. Walking, hiking, biking...


Kumlinge is one of six municipalities in the Åland islands archipelago, situated in the north-eastern part. Kumlinge consists of ...



Kumlinge has the only airfield in the archipelago. Built in 1975 it has a 650m runway and is used by private aviators...

Discover Kumlinge

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